ILYA FEDOROV was born in Kazan on 1986. He studied at the school of architecture as well the Architectural Academy. At the age of 13 Ilya pursue a inner passion graffiti and organized a group called "BM1 crew which displayed street art. 
Afterwards ILYA was engaged in digital art during 2007- 2011. At age 18 he founded public organization called "Free Art" which supported and helped young artists express themselves through various streams of art. In 2011 he held an exhibition at gallery "Rodnya in Moscow and called it Art Play. 
2012 an exhibition of ILYA FEDOROV was held at "space R2 and again was invited to"Art Play in Moscow city.

On 2010 at the soap factory in Kazan City and studio 117 was showcased a personal exhibition for ILYA FEDOROV named "Loft on Fire. 
Since 2013, ILYA FEDOROV became heavily engaged in the art of free form, mainly working with oil on canvas.